Welcome to our new website!

We will be keeping this site updated as often as we can letting you all know the latest developments and planned activities that we have in store at the vale. We rely solely on resident donations to ensure the upkeep of the grounds and ongoing accessibility and enjoyment for the public. If you would like to make a donation towards the upkeep of the field, get more involved in the Residents Association or have any suggestions for the vale then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Please use the contact forms on this site, send us a message via our Facebook page or drop us an email to: info@hillmortonvale.co.uk

Why the Windmills?

You may have noticed a number of small windmills appear on the field over the last few weeks. These are a friendly deterrent to our ever growing mole population, so please do not remove or play with.

Dog Walking

Dog walking is popular on the field and we are more than happy for this to continue. We only ask that you make sure all dog waste is removed from the site and that your dog is well behaved. If you are a regular to the field and wish to contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the field via a contribution or by volunteering some time, then please get in touch.

Donations Welcome

The HVRA relies solely on private contributions to fund the upkeep and running of the field. Costs include the regular mowing of the grass, fence maintenance, security and more.

If you would like to make a donation please Click Here

Wildflower identification

The children of Hillmorton Primary School reception classes came to visit to plant some wildflower seeds.
The seeds were donated by the Kew Gardens "Grow Wild" scheme. We can't wait to see what grows.

Find my flowers - Click Here